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Best Shikara Boat Ride In Alleppey

Shikara, the floating beauty, will make you feel like you are just flying through the waters like a seagull. With its elegant design and comfortable seating, Shikara provides the best medium to explore the rich tranquility of the backwaters.

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The Shikara Cruise is a type of houseboat cruise available in Alleppey. Shikara is a traditional wooden boat used for transportation in the backwaters. These boats are smaller in size compared to the larger houseboats but offer a more intimate and authentic experience. Shikara cruises usually operate for shorter durations, typically a few hours, and can be a good option if you prefer a shorter excursion. Shikara’s, which originated in Kashmir, is also famous among the tourists who have arrived in Alleppey. These boats are inspired by the design of Kashmiri shikaras but may not be exactly the same.  A Shikara boat ride in Alleppey is the best way to explore the rich greenery and backwater-dependent lifestyle of the land.

The voyages by Shikara boat in Alleppey are blessed with skilled and informed boat guides who enrich your experience by offering insights into the natural delights and local culture. Many guests have complimented the trip on this tranquil atmosphere for its ability to evoke unique memories.

Shikara boat Alleppey prices may vary according to the season, but we give you the best Shikara ride in Alleppey at affordable rates. There is no doubt that these wooden boats are the perfect choice to celebrate the true spirit of Alleppey’s local life. Best houseboat tour operator in alleppey  give you the best Shikara ride  by leaving a beautiful watermark on your heart as a never-ending memory.


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