FAQs - Coco Houseboats

1. Has Coco Houseboats received any kind of certification or accreditation?

Yes, Coco Houseboats has been registered under the Government of Kerala, obtained port license and is ISO Certified as well. (Kindly refer the Home Page of our website).

2. In which year was Coco Houseboats launched?

Right from 2000, Coco Houseboats has been operating houseboat cruises and giving travellers a romantic getaway on the backwaters of Kerala.

3. Any contact details for general or any kind of vendor enquiries (other than booking purpose)?

You can contact the 24 hours helpline service: +91 94460 81000 or mail to hb@cocoindia.com

4. Contact details for travel agent enquiries.

Contact our 24 hours helpline service: +91 94460 81000 or mail to ta@cocoindia.com

5. What are the contact details in regard to Careers and for Job seekers?

Please call 24 hours helpline service: +91 94460 81000 or mail to hb@cocoindia.com

6. Do Coco Houseboats have any branches in any other cities other than Alleppey?

At present none. But we are interested in having franchises in other cities.

7. Does Coco Houseboats provide tour packages in Kerala alone or over the world?

We mainly conduct package tours in Kerala and South India.

8. Do you have any day package offer? If yes, pleas share relevant details about it.

Yes, Coco Houseboats offer different types of packages like 1-Day Houseboat Cruise that is operated between 09:30am-12:30pm and 11:00 am-04:00 pm. Everything depends upon the size of the boat and number of travelling members. Kindly email us for further details.

9. State the minimum as well as maximum days of Coco Houseboats packages that areavailable? (Like 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights)

Minimum night is 1 night, it starts at 12:00 noon to next day or last day check out at 09:00 am after the breakfast, it all depends the rates number of rooms, adults, child above 5, day/night, holidays & weekends, the price can be vary depends all these.

10. Are you limited to providing Houseboat/backwater packages alone? Or do you also offer any other tour packages?

Coco Houseboats specialises in all kinds of package tours as we are backed with experienced workforce who are highly skilled in hotel reservations and transportation facility within Kerala and also all over the South India.

11. Mention the different kinds of packages offers by Coco Houseboats.

(a)Multi-Shared Houseboat
(b)2 Bed Deluxe Houseboat
(c)3 Bed Deluxe Houseboat
(d)4 Bed Deluxe Houseboat
(e)5 Bed Deluxe Houseboat
(f)6 Bed Deluxe Houseboat
(g)7Bed Deluxe Houseboat

12. Till what age of child will get complimentary food? And what are the charges for children?

Children below 5 years of age get complimentary food and accommodation while others above the age limit will be charged according to the season.

(13) Mode of payment

You can opt for any kind of payment via online including website booking with any major credit cards, debit cards, net banking and so on.

14. Specify the terms and conditions for Booking Cancellations.

Cancellation Policy:
70%+GST refund for 20 days and above, prior to the date of reservation of your stay
60%+GST refund for 10-20 days prior to the date of reservation of your stay.
NO Refund for 0-10 days prior to the date of reservation of your stay or for the reservation made during the peak time of the year, i.e: between 20th DEC and 10th JAN.

15. How many days before, bookings can be done?

Minimum two weeks earlier. It is advisable to book one month before during peak seasons in December and January.

16. Kindly elaborate about the booking process.

There are various methods through which you can do the bookings: Via our website/Phone Call: +919446081000 (round the clock service)/ by mailing to hb@cocoindia.com

17. What if the online customer needs further assistance even after booking a package?

That particular customer can either call +919446081000 or contact hb@cocoindia.com

18. Do you encourage any travel agent who is looking for collaboration or if they enquire about discounts or special rates?

The concerned travel agency can get in touch with us by calling +91 9847325026 or mailing at ta@cocoindia.com

20. Are the packages applicable for single person or solo traveller?

Yes, of course. Please feel free to call on +91 944608100 or mail us athb @cocoindia.com   -Our representative will get back to you.

21. Do you have pickup-and-drop facility for Airport?

For this get in touch with our transportation team:  92 494 24365 or mail at rc@ cocoindia.com (charges applicable depending on the vehicle hired and distance)

22. If yes, is there any additional charge for pickup-and-drop service?

Coco Houseboats offer all kinds of services. However, the prices depends upon the vehicles hired. Contact: +91 94460 81000 orhb@ cocoindia.com

24. Do you provide assistance in booking rooms in resorts and hotels?

Yes. Coco Houseboats has tie-up with various resorts and hotels in South India. We handle complete tour packages that includes hotel booking, transportation and houseboat stay.

25. In regard to international traveller, do you give assistance for Visa process?

Our registered travel agent will provide total assistance, in such case.

26. Do you provide any help for getting language translators?

Yes, we suggest local guides on request. Besides most of our staff are expert language interpreters.

27. Is there any Ayurvedic packages offered by Coco Houseboats?

There are wide range of Ayurvedic centres spread across the shores of backwaters; the service of which you can avail while we cruise down those routes. The rates differ from place to place.

28. Revert time from your team to online visitors

Domestic visitor: Regular

International visitor: Regular

29. Mention what kind of details has to be furnished by an online visitor.

Number of adults, number of children (how many kids above 5 years of age), number of rooms needed, date of booking, details about package – after submitting all these we can quote the exact price of the entire booking.

31. What are Kerala houseboats all about?

These lovely looking floating houses on Kerala backwaters are actually country boats which – once upon a time, were used to carry heavy loads from remote shores that were inaccessible via road or trains. The houseboats are made up of jack woods, which are secured together with coir and coconut fibres and interestingly, no nail is used to construct this remarkable thing. The houseboats consists of single bedroom to 10 bedrooms all with attached bathrooms and inclusive of living area, kitchen and dining room. Some even come with balcony, glass wall, upper deck and so on.

32. What are the different types of houseboats?

Houseboats mostly come in four types – Standard Houseboat, Deluxe Houseboat, Premium Houseboat and Luxury Houseboat. However, since Coco Houseboats mainly focuses on providing luxurious holiday retreat we offer houseboats of higher grade alone. While in deluxe type of houseboats, AC facility will be provided between 09:00pm-06:00amonly, the premium types will have AC running throughout the journey. The premium houseboats also come with exoticfood menu, luxury furniture, Jacuzzi, candle light dinner service and many more. Get in touch with our team to know more…

33. What are the types of houseboat trips offered?

The two main cruises are day tour and an overnight stay trip, which are available. For the day tour, generally the Check-in time is 10.30am while check-out time is 5.30pm. Whereas for the overnight cruise the Check-in time is 11.30am and next day check-out at 09:00am after the breakfast. Different meals of the day are served in the houseboat.

34. Is night travel available through houseboat?

No. The Government of Kerala has restricted the moving of all kinds of engine-operated water vehicles between 05.30pm to next day 07.30am. This is because the local fishing folks spread out the fishing nets in the lakes and the backwaters and one cannot disturb their livelihood.

35. Do the houseboat ACs work in the night alone?

Mostly, in the deluxe type of houseboats, ACs work between 08:00pm to 06:00am the next day. Whereas, premium types and luxury houseboats have ACs working throughout the day and the trip.

36. Share details about the houseboat trip itinerary.

For day trip and overnight stay cruise, the duration of journey approximately lasts for 5-6 hours. The overnight stay houseboats will halt at some backwater village shore from 05.30pm till next day 08:00am. The trip will be completed by 09:00am.

37. What are the room amenities available?

Deluxe bedroom with bathroom attached (bath towel and soap)

Premium bedroom with bathroom attached (bath towel and soap)

Ultra Luxury bedroom with bathroom (bath towel and toilet kit)

Is there any sightseeing at night or cruise to any terminals permitted?

No. There is no sightseeing or no travelling options after 05:00 pm.

39. Is there any option available for multi-sharing on houseboat?

No. Coco Houseboats does not encourage sharing system and houseboats are provided for exclusive use only.

40. What is the basis on which I get to choose my type of houseboat cruise from the available options?

Be it premium or luxury houseboat, you would not have any kind of problem staying in these, any time of the seasons. But it is advisable to avoid the deluxe type of houseboat for overnight stay during monsoons owing to mosquito menace.

41. Why one should not use footwear inside the houseboat?

For the sake of maintaining cleanliness, we do not encourage wearing footwear once inside the houseboat. There is a separate area provided to keep your shoes.

42. What are the routes taken during backwater houseboat cruises?

Among others, the most commonly used routes for backwater cruises are Kumarakom and Alappuzha. There are houseboat facilities available in northern parts of Kerala including Thrissur, Valiyaparambu and Kollam.

43. Kumarakom or Alleppey - which is the most popular among these for houseboat cruise?

The best option is to select the Kumarakom-Alleppey tour package which gives you the chance to check-in from Kumarakom and check-out in Alleppey or it can be even vice versa, which comes at a budget-friendly price. It is like enjoying best of two worlds and thereby, most cruise operators stick to this particular route. Alleppey offers a huge number of different kinds of houseboats and trips are mostly undertaken via narrow channels. Whereas in Kumarakom, one can come across several luxury resorts and the beautiful bird sanctuary while cruising down. Unlike Alleppey route, this one has very less traffic.  If you love longer routes, then it is better to opt for the Alleppey-Kollam route, which is touted to be the longest houseboat tour in Kerala.

44. What are the food options available on houseboat cruise?

Generally, the most of the cruises provides authentic Kerala style dishes – including rice, fish curry, chicken curry, few vegetable curries, chapatti, etc. Tea/Coffee with traditional Kerala snacks like banana fitters will be offered in the evenings. Alternatively you can even call up in advance and share your food preferences and order your kind of menu such as vegetarian, North Indian, Jain special, Chinese and so on. The overnight stay cruise provides breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between, while the day trip offers lunch as well as evening snacks alone. You can avail special service like candle light dinner, honeymoon cake or even buy fresh fish from the backwater village market and ask the in-house houseboat cook to prepare it for you.

45. Can we choose our own food menu in our houseboat?

Yes, you can view the food menu online and choose from the list given there.

46. Is vegetarian food served on houseboat?

Yes there are pure vegetarian dishes available in most of the houseboats provided by the cruise packages.

47. How far is it safer to travel in Kerala?

Kerala is among the few cities in India that are much safer for travelling. It is one of the most preferred holiday destinations by foreigners. However as a word of caution for women (solo) travellers – it is advisable not to travel after evening, just to be safe. Call 100 for police and 102 for Ambulance in case of emergency.

48. Is it safe and comfortable to stay in a houseboat?

There won’t be any issue while staying in houseboat – both in comfort and safety wise. The houseboat staff are well-experienced, highly skilled as well as quite trained in giving first-aid and using lifesaving procedures, in case of emergency. So without any qualms one can complete be at peace while staying in a houseboat.

49. Why is there increase in criticism over staying in houseboat these days?

Yes agreed that many have issues against houseboats. We will explain you why… Generally, a more than 20-hour overnight houseboat cruise includes as minimum as 5-7 hours of travelling duration. That is because, as per Kerala government rules, houseboats should anchor down at 05:30pm till next day morning 08:00am so as to allow fishermen to put their fishing nets in the backwaters and earn their living. Moreover, there is mosquito menace especially if you are opting for deluxe type houseboats. Also, the AC facility in this boat is operated only for limited time, i.e., between 09:00pm to 06:00am. But, luxury and premium type houseboats do not have this issue. So if you choose wisely you won’t face any kind of problems.

50. Are houseboats available for cruising during rainy seasons?

Yes, houseboats do function during the monsoons. Except, when it is raining cats and dogs.

51. What are the other mode of water transports that are affordable and cost effective?

If you are looking out to spend a budget friendly holiday, then opt for motorboat and sikkara boat. They usually come at a price range of Rs.1000 maximum for per hour and it is highly economical to cruise down the scenic backwaters. Then there is canoeing tour which is cheaper. You also have the option to take the ferry services available at Kollam, Alleppey and Kumarakom and it will cost you only few rupees. If you insist on going on a houseboat, then choose an off season, during which you can rent a houseboat for an hour.

52. Who else will be on-board of the houseboat, besides the guests?

A houseboat usually has three staff members including the captain, oarsman and a chef, accompanying the guests.

53. Do you have any other customised special tour packages, besides the ones mentioned on your website?

Yes, we offer alternative tour packages created specially to suit every customer, according their preferences and requirements. But you have to choose the houseboats which are listed with us.

54. Is Coco Houseboats approved by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (KTDC)/Kerala Govt?

Yes, we have been authorized by Kerala Govt. & affiliation with “All Kerala Houseboat Owners Association”

55. Is Visa an essential factor for foreign visitors?

Yes, Visa is mandatory to visit India, especially for foreign visitors. Contact the High Commission or Indian Embassy in your respective country in regard to this. Carrying one’s passport all the time is highly advisable, besides travel insurance.

56. Is the package inclusive of air fare and pickup-drop facility charges?

No it is not. However we can provide all these services on request at a price, while you do the booking with us.

57. Do you provide service for booking our train or flight tickets?

No, in most cases we do not provide. But we can assist you in booking your flight tickets.

58. Do we have to book our houseboats in advance?

Yes, it is better to do prior booking, especially if it is during peak seasons. Although there might be several houseboats available during off seasons, leading houseboat companies get booked beforehand. So it is advisable to book to avail the best houseboat option.

59. Do I have to make advance payment while booking? How is the balance cleared later?

Yes, you need to make advance payment according to the type of houseboat you are booking. This is to ensure that you are a genuine party and we can confirm the houseboat reservation. You can pay the rest of the payment once you come down to Kerala. There is also an option to make the entire payment on your arrival, through special request.

60. What is the refund procedure of Coco Houseboats?

You can cancel your reservation minimum three days before the date of check-in. CLICK HERE to refer refund policies of Coco Houseboats.

61. What are the different mode of payments applicable?

You can make the online payment via Cheque, DD, Credit/Debit Card or Cash on Travel. You can also see the list of credit cards and debit cards and facility for net banking.

62. Will I be charge extra for making payments via credit/debit card?

Yes, there are additional charges for such payments (3% for credit card and 2% for debit card).

Personal Contact Details

Mr.Switen George

General Enquiry: hb@cocoindia.com

Houseboat Booking: tours@cocoindia.com

Kerala Tour Package Booking: kp@cocoindia.com

Transportation Booking: rc@cocoindia.com

Travel Agent Booking: ta@cocoindia.com