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Investing in Coco Houseboats Alleppey: A Lucrative Tourism Venture

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Coco Houseboats Alleppey is operated by the Switen George, specialised in Tourism, Information Technology & Venture Capitalist.
The company is successfully operational since 22 years and has outstanding records of travelers who have chosen time and again to visit these exquisite tours from far and wide.

Coco houseboats Alleppey conducts elegantly designed Houseboat cruises across the picturesque and scenic lakes, canals, estuaries, deltas and lagoons passing through peaceful villages, busy boat jetties and vibrant celebrations. The aesthetic routes followed by the boat attract many a traveler time and again to this scenic, peaceful and impressive location at regular intervals.

Coco Houseboats to date holds an unbeatable record in the Houseboat industry for 27 consecutive night’s stay by an Irish Couple. The tour was coordinated and organized and scheduled by the CEO. It is he who plans all group and corporate trips daily coordinating activities on confirmation with the boating staff (who are well trained) and land crew for ration and supplies. He was adjudged as one of the best tourist guides with KTDC during his tenure as a tourist guide during their initial stage of setup.

Coco Houseboats Alleppey currently provides regular backwater cruises around the serene Alleppey Islands, A pleasant tour to Thaneermukham, Cruise to and around Kumarakom Resorts, and a memorable tour to Kottayam – an Island town close by. All of these are impeccable tours are perfectly designed depending on the requirements of the customers.

Switen George a well informed travel and tour professional with over 2 decades of experience and expertise in the TRAVEL domain always tends to be customer focused, maintains exclusiveness and consistently ensures that customers feel more exciting, comfortable, satisfied and memorable during the entire trip.

Coco Houseboats Alleppey possess over 3 Million of satisfied travelers worldwide providing them with innovative travel concepts, memorable trips and a wonderful time at their home stay in Alleppey. Switen George being a professional constantly aware of IT technological changes also is involved as a Consultant in Startup Projects and related Software solutions (within the travel sector), Eco Projects and Real Estate.. Amongst his many innovative creations he has evolved a unique TRAVEL facilitating network, involving Taxi cabs benefiting passengers and operators immensely.

In a view to expand globally Coco Houseboats Alleppey is now on the lookout for Investment Partners (Active or Otherwise) to invest in areas of Improvisation of facilities provided within the boat, addition of improvised houseboats and expansion of the organization extending towards a global reach. In this effort the company seeks Investment Partners to expand vertically.

The Brand Value of Coco houseboat Alleppey is INR 10,00,00,000 (10 Crore/100 Million/100,000,000). We look forward to a 50-50 partnership in this regard from those who are involved in the Tourism Industry.
Those interested to invest INR 50 million or more may contact the CEO Mr. Switen George with specific details. You can reach out to them on hb @ detailing desire of associating with this group.

For clarifications on the above do write to us on the kind of Association sought with the company, Investment particulars and period of the investment. We shall revert back to you with relevant details within a week of receipt of your mail. If any information is / was communicated telephonically (or on mobile) do write this too for clear understanding of the type of investment and the period with terms it is given.

Our full postal address is mentioned below.

Coco House Boats Kerala

Punnamada, Finishing Point Road Near Ramada Hotel,
Thathampally Post, Alleppey – 688013
Tel +91 94460 81 000 (9 am – 7 pm) Email: hb @