Eco initiatives – Responsible Tourism

At Coco Houseboats Kerala, we are extremely committed towards preserving the beautiful locales and serene environs and simultaneously not compromising on the quality of customer services offered to our guests. We strictly adhere to the policy of maximum cutting trees while constructing or developing recreational facilities within our premises. By making best use out of waste, we do our maximum to reuse and recycle most of our resources. Here is how we encourage sustainable tourism methodologies:

  • Located in the HB Block, Alappuzha, the Sewage Treatment Plant ensures that our boathouse do not let polluted waters.
  • Water Conservation and Recycling Program promotes proper utilisation of water by reusing it for flushes and gardening.
  • The kitchen waste is used to generate fuel with the help of Bio Gas Plant on the land.
  • Encourage fresh supplies obtained from local market of Alleppey Town and minimise the use of exotic vegetables and fruits.
  • Supporting local people by providing them employment at Coco Houseboats Alleppey and posting them in managerial and maintenance staff position.

Community Welfare & The Eco Initiative

We have deep respect towards the environs, the society and the traditional culture of Kerala, thereby, doing our maximum to enrich and maintain them. The proof lies in our eco-friendly activities that includes recycling and reusing water, composting, vermi compost and so on at all our houseboat stations. Here are few examples of that:

  • Use vegetable waste for generating fertilizers
  • Rely on bio gas plant for cooking purposes at the staff canteen
  • Encourage women’s self-group by buying their products to be used for houseboat purpose, even laundry.
  • Buying milk, vegetable and fish from the local community.
  • Support for education of poor children from rural localities.
  • Help local community through different number of activities.
  • Use of wind turbine to offset the carbon footprints.