Climate in Alleppey

One of the most sought after holiday destination in Kerala, Alappuzha or Alleppey has a pleasant climate throughout the year, with the average monthly temperature being 25 degrees Celsius. like any other parts of Kerala, Alappuzha enjoys two exceptional monsoons.

Alappuzha comprises of uninterrupted seacoast of 82 Km long that is makes it 13.9% of the entire coastal strip of Kerala. An interesting fact about this place is that during the southwest monsoon in June, one can notice a temporary shift in mud bank, popularly referred as Chakara, in the range of 25km in Alappuzha-Purakkad coast owing to hydraulic pressure during which there is rise in the level of backwaters. Checkout the different facets of Alappuzha climate:

  • Summer commences from March till May.
  • Onset of Southwest Monsoon, called as Edavappathi, from June to September.
  • Followed by Northeast Monsoon, called as Thulavarsham, October to November.
  • Then arrives the winter or dry weather between December and February.