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When it comes to travel and hospitality, there is not a single dull moment…. You will always have to be geared up to grab some excitement, come across some enriching experiences, shape your perceptions about the world and people around you and ultimately earn a good amount of brownies in the process…

As you will be knowing Kerala offers a wide range of opportunities to explore, learn, work and gain sound experience – all thanks to the tourism sector. The travel industry has been ever sustaining and it will never cease to flourish. In terms of professional aspect, there are so many jobs spread across this attractive tourism field. Since everyone wants to enjoy a piece of cake, there is lot of competitions to grab the best position.

Coco Houseboats will give you the chance to be part of our exciting and beautiful professional voyage. Get to see beautiful places in the course of your job, meet new people, make friends and at the same time, gain hands-on experience and develop your skills. We have different types of job opportunities in related to tourism and on-board of houseboats that will give you the best exposure and robust work background.