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Best Authentic Houseboat Food, Menu includes Jain , Veg & Non Veg
Coco Houseboat Food menu alleppey houseboat food

The Excitement Begins! Enjoy Our Welcome Drinks & Fruits As You Settle Down On-Board and Indulge In the Cruise!!

Get the real taste of God’s Own Country; as our chef spreads out before you a variety of authentic Kerala dishes including rice, different types of vegetable curries and fish fry.

After a sumptuous lunch, all you have to do is sit, relax further and take in all the beautiful sceneries.

Take a break from leisure and pamper your appetite with tea or coffee and yummysnacks!

We anchor down for the day! Enjoy a totally new experience as you get ready to spend the entire night in your houseboat….

After all the sight-seeing and excitement pep up yourself with our well-laded dinner platter that includes chapatti, dal curry, white rice, chicken curry, different types of vegetable cuisines – every item carries the signature of Kerala!

Wake up to the chirps of birds, morning fresh air, beautiful sunriseand… our delicious breakfast! Bread toast, Omelette, Appam, Idiyappam, Egg Curry, Poori, Vegetable curries and Steamed Bananas will freshen you up to go!

The Journey Comes to an End! But not before cruising around for one last time!! (No, we hope you come BACK SOON!)

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