Sikara Cruise

There is so much to explore in the scenic Alappuzha that just a houseboat tour won’t be enough. While in Alleppey you have to treat your eyes with the lush green paddy fields, beautiful Kuttanad village, watch locals going with their life on the banks of backwaters and many more enriching sights. For that, one has to opt for Sikara cruise to enjoy the length and breadth of this very popular holiday destination.
If you are vacationing in Kerala and interested to go on a backwater trip, then it is best to go for Sikara boat tour. Here are the reasons why:

  • Sikara boat is considerably smaller in size than a houseboat; which makes it easier to take narrow canal routes.
  • Cheaper than houseboat. Most preferred choice if you are looking for making a budget friendly holiday trip.
  • Can visit remote villages or beautiful coves located in the most interior parts of Alleppey.
  • Gives better travel experience since you get to explore nook and corner of backwater village areas and visit local landmarks.
  • Travel across different parts of Alleppey backwaters within a short period of time. Especially, if you are not too fond of floating for a long duration.
  • If you are not willing to stay longer within a confined space of houseboat, Sikara boat is good for you. For there is fairly lesser walls in this one. Although it is very small, Sikara boat has enough room to stretch your legs and relax as you watch beautiful sights passing by.

Coco Houseboats offers excellent service for Sikara Cruise so that you can comfortably enjoy your Kerala backwater sightseeing. All our Sikara boats are well-maintained, clean, equipped with lifesaving and fire safety equipment. The elegant boats are run by experienced and highly skilled crew.

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