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Why Choose shared Houseboats in Alleppey Kerala

There are essentially two types of houseboat services in Alleppey, private houseboats and shared houseboats. Private houseboat services are quite an experience, but they have their own perks. Private houseboat services come with premium food options, ranging from non-vegetarian varieties to custom luxury seafood varieties, a luxury stay with a clean and well-furnished bathroom, and a small crew just to keep your needs met. On the other hand, shared houseboats in Alleppey come with an affordable price and similar setting. You will still get great food options and good bedrooms.

The reason why you should choose shared houseboats in Alleppey is simple, shared houseboats are inexpensive and you will get to spend time with other people and indulge yourselves in many activities. It’s more like going on a shared trip. If you are opting for shared houseboats in Alleppey then you will get a houseboat with 4-5 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a common lobby, a dining area, a top floor, and a sun deck. While if you opt for a private houseboat then you get everything on your own, just for you. Although a private houseboat sounds desirable it comes with a big price tag as well. So if you are on a budget then you should probably choose shared houseboats in Alleppey. So if you are looking for the best-shared houseboat experience in Alleppey then you should probably go with coco boat. Contact us now




uisite room with attached well-maintained modern toilet, with comfortable and neat bedroom. You will be accompanied by three experienced crew members and a cook on board. A trip down scenic islands and villages during the day while night halt in the middle of lake. Provision for water safety equipment, fishing rod, TV and music system facilities available.

Check in 01:00 PM

Check out at 09:00 am after the breakfast.

Shared Houseboats in Alleppey

Are you planning on going on a vacation? then my friend Alleppey is the ideal place for your holiday getaway. It features quaint villages, foot-in-the-sand beaches, and an authentic cultural experience. But the best part is its backwaters! There is nothing like having a houseboat stay and float along the backwaters. Let’s take a look at the history of backwaters.

Backwaters are part of the famous “Lakes and Ponds Systems” created to channel excess water from the Lake to other ponds. This was essentially created to reduce the risk of floods. The backwaters were too beautiful to be just used as channels, but as time went by its beauty started attracting people all around the globe. It is one of the most beautiful sightseeing places in Alappuzha.

The best way to experience the backwaters is to go on a houseboat trip. Living in a houseboat comes with a lot of perks. You get to choose where you want to travel, what type of food you want to eat, and how you want to spend your whole day. Shared houseboats in Alleppey are by far the best type of houseboat travel you could get if you are on a budget. It’s best for families as you get to travel along with other people and socialize. So if you are planning to give your family a wholesome experience then contact us now.

Day 1:

Check into the houseboat, spend the next day through the floating villa. Enjoy the backwaters of Kerala by getting a glimpse of the village life at close quarters; a unique and unforgettable experience.
Enjoy the sunset & stay overnight on the house boat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Overnight at Houseboat.

Day 2:

Check-out from your houseboat at 09.00am, only after eating our lip-smacking breakfast.You have the option to extend the cruise by opting for two nights stay at the houseboat. For, you will get to explore the interiors of backwater villages more extensively.

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We were always excited to visit Alleppey and experience the houseboat stay. But coco boat really took this whole experience to the next level, their hospitality is unmatched. We really enjoyed the food, especially the local food items. We are a family of 3 and we took the shared houseboat package with 1 day and 1 night and we had a pretty awesome stay. We were able to spend some quality time with our family and we got to meet some amazing people. So if you are looking for shared houseboat in Alleppey we can highly recommend coco boat.

I got to thank coco boat for this wonderful experience. I came along with my wife and took in the 1-day & 1-night package with food. The bedroom was cozy and the bathroom was neat and clean. The food was great as well, they were freshly prepared and the aromas were to die for. The evening view was pretty awesome as well. We can highly recommend coco boat if you are planning on taking a shared houseboat service in Alleppey.

I reserved a night on shared boating with coco boat to celebrate my wife’s birthday, they have been really helpful and did every arrangements to surprise my wife. I always wanted her to feel special and with the arrangements they made for us, it just took the whole celebration to the next level. Awesome food and hospitable people!! I highly recommend them.

What is sharing a houseboat in Alleppey?

Sharing houseboat in Alleppey is a houseboat service where a houseboat with 4-5 rooms is given on a sharing basis. With a shared houseboat, you will get a private bedroom with an attached bathroom, a common lobby, a dining area, a top floor, and a sun deck.

What is sharing a houseboat?

In a sharing houseboat couples or families get to share spaces in a houseboat. They will get a private bedroom with an attached bathroom but the lobby and dining space will be shared.

Can two people own a boat together?

Yes in a partnership way. Here the whole boat is in a joint ownership model where the financial benefits can be met equally. This in fact is a cost-effective way of owning an asset.

Join a Multi-Shared Houseboat trip and discover the hidden gems of Kerala


If you are planning to visit Alleppey as a Honeymoon / Family traveller ( strictly no Bachelors in Muti-Shared Boat) and would like to have a stay on the houseboat,
then we at Coco houseboats have got you covered. Alleppey backwater is renowned in India and every traveller visiting Kerala plans to visit the serene site. The best way to traverse through the backwater and take in the scenery is through a staying on a houseboat. As a Solo / Honeymoon / Family  traveller it can get pretty expensive to book a houseboat on their own. To accommodate the Solo / Honeymoon / Family  traveller and couples we at Coco houseboats have a Multi sharing houseboat in Alleppey. You can choose our Multi Sharing houseboat in Alleppey and save a lot of money as our rates are quite reasonable. We provide 4/5/6 bedrooms in the given houseboat that are enough accommodate all the guests. Our sharing houseboat in Alleppey also privacy bedroom with attached has a common lobby, dining is along with a sun deck on the top floor Buffet Menu with Pure Veg/Jain Food/ Non Veg .


Make long lasting memories on a shared houseboat Alappuzha


Our boats are manned by a three crew members and a chef. Our crew is greatly experienced and they are well versed in the areas and the backwaters. The cook is trained in authentic Kerala centric cuisine. All three meals of the day – Lunch , dinner & Breakfast are included within the package. The food options are premium and true to the flavour of Kerala. Choose Multi-Shared houseboat in Alappuzha and have delicious food on board. Moreover, there are various entertainment options on the boat as well. We have installed powerful music systems and have equipped the sharing houseboat in Alappuzha with fishing tools The Check in time for the sharing houseboat in Alleppey is 1:00 PM while the checkout time is 9:00 AM after breakfast. Throughout the trip of the backwaters the Multi-Sharing houseboat will take trip down villages and islands, that are located on the waterfront. You are also given enough room to choose the activities that you would like to take part in. Activities such as kayaking, bird watching and fishing are common in the backwaters. You can do most activities if you choose the sharing houseboat in Alleppey. Due to all the above reasons we can say with pride our houseboat one of the best multi shared house boats in Alleppey and Alappuzha.


Why choose Multi-Sharing houseboat in Alleppey

Well there are multiple reasons for choosing us, and we will list them out in front of view. If you would like to take in the serene sight of the backwater while relaxing, then you should choose our sharing houseboats in Alleppey. As our experienced crew will make sure that you have a great time. Moreover, the amenities available on the deck are well stocked, these amenities should keep all your needs in check. Most importantly, if you take the sharing houseboat in Alappuzha then you will meet new people with whom you will share new experiences ( strictly no Bachelors in Muti-Shared Boat), that will last a life time. Lastly, all this is under a reasonable budget. To get quote for the sharing houseboat in Alleppey contact us through filling the booking form on the website. Further, you can send a message to our WhatsApp as well. We look forward to serve. Book your best multi shared house boat in Alleppey and Alappuzha now.