Speed Boat Ride

Explore the beauty of God’s Own Country in refined manner! Get an adrenaline rush as you crash across the enchanting Kerala backwaters by taking the speed boat ride…. Make your Alleppey extremely thrilling by getting on board of this power machine.

Let the cool winds of Kerala brush your face as you enjoy the occasional spray of water while jetting across the scenic locales of Alappuzha. If you are a person who can’t take things slow or make maximum utilisation of your short Kerala tour, then you can go for the fast paced travel option. By travelling in a speed boat, you get to catch a glimpse of the entire length of the backwater route within a short period. If you are running against time, a speed boat will allow you to cover maximum backwater areas and take you far off islands in Alleppey that wouldn’t be feasible otherwise if you choose other means of water transport.

Enjoy a unique experience as you watch ripples form across the backwaters of Kerala and expansive picturesque environments spread all aroundwhile you race off to far off destination. A trip in speed boat is far different and more exciting than the laidback style of houseboat or exhausting canoe or kayaking tours.

Besides catching up all the major backwater areas in short span of time, you can sit back and simply relax watching the sights while an experienced driver takes care of the entire ride. You can visit different remote places within a limited time frame, whereas in canoe or Kayak it will take hours and in houseboat it will take a day or two to visit the same. It is truly worth your money if time is more important for you.
Coco Houseboats have variety of safe and clean authorised speed boats which will take you on a beautiful trip to behold. We have different types of speed boat tours to suit your requirements, time duration and depending on the size of family or friends group.

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