Get closer to the nature! Get to know about the local life on backwater shores in more detail! By choosing Kayaking as your mode of water transport across the scenic Kerala backwaters, you have made the best travel decision!
Trust us, Kayaking can get you the best experience one wouldn’t get via houseboat or canoe boat. It is quite smaller than the other two boats and will take you to the most inaccessible

coves and islands of Alleppey. Plus, you can do the rowing all by yourself and watch the beautiful landscapes, thriving backwater villages, rich flora and fauna among these settings – and lots more by exploring at your own pace, without worrying about co-passengers or check-in-check-out issues. You can simply hire a kayak and row down capturing all kinds of sights and sounds along the backwaters.

There are good number of advantages if you are kayaking; proving better than taking houseboat cruise. First of all, it is far cheaper than other luxurious modes of water transport. Then you can freely visit all the remote backwater routes that won’t be generally taken by houseboat or canoeing tours. Enjoy the natural settings by rowing open-air which you cannot do otherwise in other kind of enclosed boats. You can row wherever you can (as instructed by the kayak operator), which ever part of backwater areas that attracts you, then halt where you feel like and visit interesting places on the shores. That includes – visiting local eateries, toddy shop, remote islands important tourist attractions, village markets, walk across paddy fields, watch backwater birds and many, many things that will make your Kerala holiday truly worthwhile and unforgettable experience…
Coco Houseboat Alleppey provides kayaking tours suitable for every type of traveller.

We have dedicated staff and guides who will help you around to explore Kerala backwaters in more detail. Don’t worry, we will take care that your entire trip is comfortable, safeand memorable.

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