Kerala is a 365-day tourist destination

thanks to its widespread channels of backwaters, golden beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

backwater cruise on a country boat

you can also enjoy invigorating massages provided to you in the boat house to make you feel really rejuvenated and relaxed

An enchanting picnic spot

great expanse of water called Vembanad Lake .Kumarakom 16 km from Kottayam town (District), Vembanad Lakean enchanting picnic spot

Luxury Houseboat Cruises/Backwater Tours in Kerala

Give your holiday a touch of opulence! Indulge in the extravaganza of lush green environs of Kerala by floating down the lovely backwaters in an exquisite houseboat. Enjoy a picture-perfect setting and relax in the lap of nature. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated by pampering yourself in the services offered by houseboat cruises.

Alleppey / Alleppey: Round

The best destination for backwater cruise is the Alleppey Round trip or known as ‘Kuttanad’. You can simply immerse yourself in the laidback natural settings of Alappuzha backwaters; watching the line of coconut trees along the lush green banks. Enjoy the hospitality of houseboat crew as well as the generous nature of the locals from the beautiful backwaters villages. What’s special about this place is the Kuttanadu Paddy Field which is known for its farming that happens at below sea level. Besides, this is near to the popular Lord Buddha Statue ‘Karumadikuttan’ that dates back to 11th century.
An interesting fact is that the canals or lakes here do not have crocodiles or any kind of dangerous creatures living in them. Moreover you can enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted sleep during night time halt at the lakeshore as there are no mosquitoes or pollution here.

Alleppey to Kottayam / Kottayam to Alleppey

Kottayam is popular for its wide network of backwaters, rivers, hill stations and historical religious centres. The Vembanad Lake that is over 80km in length and nearly 15km wide, covers the entire length of Kerala by connecting with most of the backwater areas. Houseboats or Kettuvallams mostly down in this route and offers exceptional services to all those travellers who visit this place. Vembanad Lake is famous for the small picturesque island, Pathiramanal (known as midnight sands in local language) which is in fact accessible via boat alone.
The coastal area of Vembanad Lake is also renowned for the Kumarakom Resorts a stunning village filled with thick mangroves and ample coconut groves, rich paddy fields and playful waters flowing crisscross within the forest areas. One can enjoy watching the flora and fauna at the Kumarakom bird sanctuary which houses more than 90 variety of local and over 45 variety of migratory birds.

Alleppey to Kumarakom / Kumarakom to Alleppey Round

Within a couple of hours of cruising from Alappuzha, you will reach the lovely Kumarakom which is quite popular for its striking backwaters and bird sanctuary. Being one of the main tourist attraction points, Kumarakom has many resorts and best choice for enjoying longer holidays. One can even enjoy a private heavenly abode tucked in the popular, remote island of Pathiramanal.

Alleppey to Kumarakom / Kumarakom to Alleppey

This route is good choice in you want to taste best of two worlds, that is, cruise down anywhere between Kumarakom Resorts and Alappuzha backwaters. You can simple float down and watch the idyllic villages, lush green farms, banks of bird sanctuary and many more beautiful places which are included within this tour. The best way to explore Kuttanad Paddy Fields, which are situated right in the lap of Kumarakom resorts and Alleppey.

Alleppey to Alumkadavu / Alumkadavu to Alleppey

This one is touted to be the longest backwater tour in the State, with a duration of 8 hours covering Kollam and Alleppey. The chosen destination, Alumkadavu lies in close proximity to Kollam, nearly about 22kms.
You can get maximum out of this long stretch of backwater cruise. In the course of the trip, you can sit back to watch different beautiful sights unfold down the cruise – such as the colourful backwaters villages, wild birds, lovely flowers on the banks and breathe in fresh air of countryside. There are many attractions inclusive this trip like coir village, paddy fields, Kumarakodiand Karumadikuttan among others. You can even opt for this same tour for two days and two nights; giving you maximum time to utilise your holiday.

Alleppey to Kollam / Kollam to Alleppey

This is almost similar to the earlier cruise trip (given above). The 8-hour tour covers the entire length of Alleppey and Kollam; which makes it to be the longest backwater trip in Kerala. Most of the first day will be spend relaxing and watch the sceneries passing by while on the second day you will step down on the shores of Kollam. One of the major attractions of this cruise is the famous MathaAmrithamanadhaMayi Ashram inVallikavu.
If you want to enjoy a longer holiday period, then you can opt for this same tour for two days and two nights.

Alleppey to Kochi / Cochin / Kochi to Alleppey

You can enjoy Kerala at its best, with this houseboat tour covering the major tourist hubs Alleppey and Kochi. Yes, with this one day-one night cruise running right across the Vembanad Lake, you have the chance to experience best of two worlds – the bustling urban as well as idyllic village settings. The route encompasses major attractions like Kumarakom bird sanctuary, paddy fields, Pathiramanal – while Kochi offers a striking holiday destination in Eda Kochi.

Dos & Don’ts on Backwater Cruise:


  • Opt for booking Air-conditioned houseboat especially in the months of March, April and May.
  • The air-condition facility will be provided for night time alone (between 7pm-8am)
  • Three Crew members will be sailing with you. Cook, Captain and a Guide. If you require any information get them from the Guide.
  • You will be accompanied by 3 crew members including the captain, guide and cook. The guide will help with any kind of information you require.
  • It is advisable to wear light, cotton dress during the cruise so as to protect from humidity during summer.
  • Owing to Kerala’s tropical climate, it is essential to carry cotton clothes that are loosely fitting, sun-screen lotions and sunglasses.
  • Rejuvenate yourself by having oil body massage in the evening – a facility which one can avail from the villages on the banks of backwaters.
  • Major Credit Cards are accepted at most of the houseboats, shopping centres, restaurants, and local hotels.
  • It is highly advisable not to give any money to the local children at the backwater villages. Instead carry chocolates or pens to gift them.
  • On board, you are provided with safe-to-drink distilled water.
  • Most of the food prepared on board of houseboats are of Kerala style. So you should specify your requirements to the chef whether to make your food less spicy or add more spices.
  • Visitors have no limitations over carrying any amount of foreign money.
  • You can order for stitching traditional Kerala dress at some of the houses on the banks of backwater.


  • Enter temples: Because there are restrictions for non-Hindus at some temples.
  • Throw plastic covers and bottles into backwaters. Instead use the dustbins.
  • In times of halts, avoid opting for pedlars or brokers on the advice of random shopkeepers. Instead clear your doubts by calling directly for assistance.
  • Toilets are not meant for throwing sanitary pads and condoms. Use dustbin.
  • It is not safe to drink water from lakes or dams. Opt for bottle water.
  • It is advisable to avoid bikinis while visiting backwater villages, and avoid any kind of footwear while inside places of worship like Churches or Hindu temples.

Essential Tips:

  • Most of the banks will operate between 10.00am and 04.00pm, except on Saturdays.
  • Dial 100 to avail police help, 101 for fire rescue team and 102 for ambulance service.


Emergency numbers during Travel :

Highways : 9846100100
In Trains: 9846200100
General Emergency numbers :
Police control room: 100;
Fire Station: 101;
Ambulance: 101