Punting Houseboats

If you are among those who has an adventurous streak within, then Punting Houseboats are meant for you. This kind of houseboat allows you to row down the entire boat by yourself! Yes, you can ‘punt’ the houseboat with long bamboo pole – raising it high and then pushing way down into the backwaters, as you slowly glide down the scenic environments of Alleppey banks. While it needs lots of strength and patience, the experience is worth your sweat and energy. But don’t worry, we will be also providing experienced punters and expert cook to accompany you on your trip; so that you can occasionally sit back and relax your holiday.

Our exclusive punting houseboats come with:

  • – Clean and comfortable bedrooms and living area
  • – Modern amenities and furniture
  • – Solar powered lightening
  • – Eco-friendly toilets
  • – Kitchen and dining area
  • – Separate room for the oarsman and cook